Up, up and away!

Bubba’s Sis had it right! For our 10th wedding anniversary, J took me on a hot air balloon ride over the Ozarks during sunset. It was SO much better than I could ever have imagined.

Our pilot is the guy who pilots the Bass Pro Shop balloon, so we got to take off from one of Johnnie Morris’ property (owner of Bass Pro). It was just gorgeous!

We floated across the Finley River with cliffs on both sides, over miles of forest, cattle farms and horse farms. People are incredibly friendly when you’re in a balloon! We had people stop on the side of the highway to wave! Then again we stayed about 500-800 feet off the ground so we were pretty dang close to them.

The funniest part was when I asked the pilot where we were going to land. He said, “Oh, well…just keep your eyes open for a large, nicely-mowed yard, k?” Apparently it’s not the easiest to just have a set location when you’re at the mercy of the wind, so we wings his landings! He’s done it like that for 20 years and only one guy was hacked enough to want to get his gun. (Wonder what he was hiding!?)

The fun but painful part was our landing. Usually the landing would just feel like a bump, but if there’s about 8-10 mile an hour wind then you can start bouncing across the ground. Just as we started to land, the wind picked up to 12 miles an hour. We bounced hard 3 times and my knees have got the bruises to prove it!

Even with the crazy landing (which I loved!), I would do it again in a heart beat. Next time though I want to do it in the winter time…that would be such a rush!

Let’s see…I’ve got that marked off my bucket list, now what’s next?  Oh goodie, a tat…now where to put it…

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