Wonder why the polar bear died

We have this obnoxious little sing-song that we sing when we’re waiting for something (or some 8 year old boy to hurry and tie his shoe for the upteenth time).  It’s a warped-worded song that originally had something to do with George Washington:

10 days later, sittin’ on the Delaware
Chewin’ on my underwear.
Wish I had another pair.
3 days later, bittin’ by a polar bear.
Wonder why the polar bear died.

Apparently 10 days is a really long time.

So what does that make 10 years?

A stinkin’ long time in today’s social spectrum for marriages.

Yep, today is J and I’s 10th anniversary.  If all goes well I get to mark off one of the things on my bucket list.  I’ll let you know if I get to do it.  Here’s a hint:  It all depends on the weather –  there can be no storms within 100 miles of us and the wind can’t be too bad.

It’s mind boggling to me when I tell someone that I’ve been married 10 years and the response it, “REALLY?  That’s so long…what is your secret?”  Are you kidding me?  How sad is that?

You have two people that, unless you lived under the same roof your whole lives together, are bringing two cultures together and trying not to kill each other. For J and I, he’s a Northerner and I’m a Southerner/Foreigner.  We were both raised in Christian homes, but yet a lot of our spiritual upbringing are no where near the same.  My idea of roughing it and his idea are very different. I’m not flexible and he’s not organized.

Considering all and all, we’ve survived pretty good.  We’ve learned how to fight, laugh, play and love.

Now our differences have a tendency to balance each other out. He has patience were I don’t.  My glass is usually half-full where his can be a little below half-empty. He teaches our boys how to be adventurous and I teach the boys how to have a “can do” attitude. We both teach them how to be responsible.

Honey, it’s been a hard year on our marriage, our boys and our faith.  I’m thrilled that as we celebrate today that we’re at the base of the silver lining.  I wouldn’t have wanted to do it with any one else.

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