Where in the world is….Jen?

I can’t believe I haven’t been on here since July 2nd.

Do you ever have those times when your world just goes crazy so fast that you don’t even realize what your missing out on until it’s over?

(This is where everyone says, “Yes, Jen we do!”)

I’ve had a family of 4 come stay with me for about a week.

I’ve been to a funeral (no, not Hulkman).

I’ve been sicker than the morning after for a frat boy.

I’ve been spending some time with my boys.

I’ve been Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter cleaning my house.

See? You haven’t missed much.

The part that sucks is that I’ve really missed out on hearing where all you guys are at.  What are you doing this summer?  I haven’t read a blog in ages.  I feel like I’ve been in a coma and it’s no longer 1980.

Just to catch you up on Hulkman…he’s doing great.  They never could find out why he was bleeding but he’s doing good now, so that’s great.

I just got back from a funeral for a family friend of ours.  He’s was a missionary to India and was a wonderful man.  Just FYI in case you ever have an opportunity to go to a missionaries funeral.  They’re as long as their sermons!  Cause you have 5-6 other missionaries going on and on about what a wonderful (wo)man of God that person was.  I was just waiting for the offering plate to get passed!  Oiy!

It was a lot of fun to see people I grew up with on the field (India).  Some hadn’t seen me since I was 16.  Some of the older ones kept calling me by my mother’s name.  I love my Mum and all but geez, she’s 60 something and I’m not!

So now, I’m off to catch up on ya’ll’s lives….

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