Thank you, thank you, thank you…

I really appreciate all the supportive comments, direct emails and prayers.  For those of you who posted about it on your blog – double hugs!  It’s amazing how draining a hospital can be.  Let alone dealing with a sick loved one.

We still haven’t gotten the results of the biopsies…guess it takes awhile for those suckers to culture.  Hulkman actually has a pretty good spirit about it all.  He really doesn’t like hospitals and he “feels” fine so he’s not sure why he has to be there and not eat what he wants, but all in all he just takes it in stride.  He’s still losing some blood and they’re not sure where it’s coming from.  They’re going to watch him today and see if he passes any more.  They don’t want to send him home and then something erupts.  They’re also concerned about his hemoglobin count.

His roomie is a frustration.  He’s a 70-something year old guy who has cancer, has had strokes, heart attacks and was just told on Monday that he has maybe 6 months to live.  He’s in a lot of pain so they pump him full of morphine which doesn’t really knock him out.  Rather it rev’s him up and causes him to rant and rave about the oddest things.  He’s actually a kooky guy, but I feel a little bad laughing at him knowing he’s not doing too well.  I haven’t been to the hospital today but Mum said he’s really not doing good.  Just can’t get his breath.  I really don’t think he’ll make the 6month mark.

This is stressful for Hulkman cause he’s such a lover.  If that guy dies while he’s in the room, I think Hulkman will flip!  He doesn’t do so well with death.

I’m really behind in reading my favorite blogs.  I’ll get back into the swing of things once Hulkman gets back home and is comfortable.

Once again…thanks you guys.  It sincerely means so much to have that kind of support!

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  • Glad to hear Hulkman is doing better he will remain in my prayers as well as you.
    Hig Time Hugs and God’s blessings headed your way! that’s my story and you can bet your botton dollar that I’m sticking to it.

  • Can’t wait to hear about Hulkman getting back home and comfortable and getting to eat what he wants 😉

    LUV you, my friend. I’m still praying extras for you, Hulkman and the whole family.

  • Whew, that is such good news that Hulkman is in good spirits. I’m sorry about his roommate however.

    Prayers for all of you will continue, rest assured. Don’t forget to take care of you!

  • Oh Jen – I have been so far behind on reading, so I am behind on your news here.

    Hospitals are tough places even with the “best” roommates. I am glad it sounds like your sweet bro is improving… and I hope the biopsies come back soon – with good news.

    Big hugs to you, my friend… big hugs…

  • Dang, JenGi, I read this post last night and thought I’d posted! I’m losing my 80s hairsprai cinged brains!

    What’s the update? Hopefully he is out and well and you have answers. (((((YOU)))))

  • Cuz I know you have tons of time for this (not) I left you an award at the digi because you’re my rockin CT. But no worries, take care of you. But I’m starting to worry, please call me. xo

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