Hulkman in hospital

Too tired to write much.  Sunday am, Hulkman was admitted into the hospital for internal bleeding.  He had an endoscope done this morning.  They found an ulcer in his stomach and biopsied it.  They also found some kind of infection down his esophogus so they biopsied that as well.  Still no results as of tonight.  Hoping to have some kind of answers in the morning.  In the meanwhile they are giving him blood and some strong antibiotics for a staff infection.

Very tired…going to bed.  Will give an updated soon.

Thanks for your prayers.

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  • Love you JenGi and I am sending you prayer and my tightest hugs as well. If you need me down, let me know, I can watch the boys. I’ll try to call tomorrow, but understand if you can’t answer. xoxoxoxoxo

  • Absolutely! Prayers being sent up. ((Jen)) Please know we are here for you. I wish I lived closer to you, but know ya’ll are in my heart & prayers.

  • Hulkman is in my prayers.Gotta run.Big time hugs and God’s blessings headed your way.That’s my story and I’m sitcking to it.

  • Dear Jen,
    I am here via Mike Golch’s blog. He is a sweet man and said that you needed some prayers.

    I am sending up prayers for Hulkman and hugs of comfort for your family. I will check back for an update. You rest sweetie, you sound exhausted.


  • You betcha I’ll say a few prayers for Hulkman!
    Remember to take care of yourself too. It is easy to forget about yourself when worrying and taking care of a loved one. I know I skipped a lunch or two while my mom was in the hospital the other week.

  • My prayers are with you. I myself have been in need of prayers for my son. Which i have received many. So far things are getting brighter for my son. Thanks to Mike and my twin sister
    Tracy for setting up prayer request on blog land.
    Stacy aka hopefulsl

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