Gremlin turns 5!

Five years ago, today, at 6:20-ish in the morning, I shot my plug across the Labor-and-Delivery room hitting a poor little intern in the face. By 6:31, I was shooting Gremlin at her too. By 6:45 my doctor came to deliver my son….uh…a little late, doc!

(Yet, he still got paid!! I’m in the wrong business.)

Gremlin! Dude! You’re 5!! Finally! You’ve been waiting “forever”, huh?!

It would be so easy for me to wax on and on about how you were my precious little boy that has grown up and “where has the time gone”…but why do it. You’re here and I’m blessed and you drive me crazy, and HUH? What? You like driving me crazy? Well, you’re doing a good job, kiddo! So let’s quit yappin’ and go have fun!

(His b-day party’s not till Saturday, but I’m a firm believer in dragging out b-day’s as long as possible! So we’re off to play! BYE!)

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