Father’s Day convo with Gremlin

After buying J a shirt from the boys for Father’s Day, we get home and I started the whole, “Now don’t forget guys, that this is a secret. We can’t tell Dad,” talk.

Before I could get it all out, Gremlin grabbed his cheeks (in true Home Alone fashion) and yelled, “No! Please no more secrets! Please don’t ask me to do that because I can’t.” And the more he said, the faster it came out. “I have this pressure inside and it just can’t stay in because it’s a secret and I did horrible with your birthday and I told you it was a purse and I wasn’t suppose to so dad didn’t tell me what we got you for Mother’s day and it made me sad, but I just can’t do it, SO-PLEASE-DON’T-MAKE-ME-KEEP-A-SECRET!”

I just stared at him. And he just stared back…waiting for the shoe to drop.

Where the hey-hoo did that come from?!

I finally broke eye-contact, walked over to him and gave him a big ol’ hug. Some where in that hug, I heard a muffled, “I’m sorry mom.”

“Don’t you be sorry. You just try your best and if it comes out then it comes out. Don’t worry about it.”

Over my shoulder I hear his always-caring brother mumble, “Geez, you sounded like a raking lunatic.”

“Oldman…it’s called raving lunatic.”

“Oh….yeah, well a raving lubertic.”

“Oldman…a raving lunatic!”

Oldman smirking…”gotcha mom.”

Gremlin sniffles, “I’m not a lubertic.”


Is it too early for a G&T??

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  • Ohhh JenGi I can absolutely hear this converastion in my head, you wrote it so well! I agree it really is too funny! Dang, your boys are going to challenge you for all of your life, you know this, right? They’re far smarter than you really want your kids to be at this age, sorry bout that. xoxoxo

    PS–I need advance tickets? You need to get me one, email me your address and I’ll mail you a piece of rubber.

  • One year the kids and I got Hubby a Fossil watch for Christmas that had some kind of golf stuff on it – we had the whole “Don’t tell Daddy what we got him” speech. Then Daughter, who was about 2 or 3, said, “Daddy! We got you a watch!” *sigh* “Well,” I said, “You don’t know what kind of watch we got you.”

    “It’s a GOLF WATCH!” she said.

    Good times.

  • Oh man I bet it would have been fun to be the fly on the wall while this was going on! Enjoy Fathere’s day.That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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