Gremlin’s attachment

Gremlin has a wee-wee.

He’ll be 5 in a couple of weeks and yet every morning he greets me with his wee-wee in hand.

For all you pervs…it’s a blanket!

Somewhere in his funny little 1-year-old mind, blanket sounded like wee-wee. And it stuck. How could it NOT! He would say:

“I pay wif my wee-wee, mom!”

“My wee-wee is warm and soft.” *rolling eyes*

He doesn’t have to have it with him everywhere, just when he sleeps and first wakes up. How harmless is that, right?

I’ve been talking with Gremlin about his wee-wee. I keep telling him that big boy Kindergartners do not have wee-wees. He just looks at me with his devilish grin and wraps his wee-wee around his head.

He had gotten a hole in it and ripped it bigger. I thought this was my opportunity to put “poor little wee-wee away before he gets worse”, but then Stacey came to the “rescue” and sowed that hole right up. Gremlin calls her his Wee-Wee Saver! (Bet you never thought you’d be called that, huh Gidge!)

*He just now came in and said, “I’ll think I’ll just go ahead and keep wee-wee.” I told him again that big boys don’t have wee-wees….maybe you should just think about it some more. “I think-ed about it and it’s stayin in my hands.” Well, alrighty then!*

To be honest, since he doesn’t carry it around with him everywhere I haven’t made that big of a deal, but he tells people that he sleeps with his wee-wee. Talk about some funny looks! We have to quickly mention that it’s a blanket. Well, that’s all great and fine as long as we’re there. Apparently he’s been talking about his wee-wee at school. The teachers keep telling him to stop talking about his wee-wee. HA!

My mum’s idea is to cut the blanket down little bit by little bit until the blanket is a piece of nothing, but I really don’t want to cut the blanket up. I want to store it for when he’s an adult. (Why? I don’t know…just seems like the thing to do.)

I remember quite clearly telling my roommate in college that I would never be one of those parents who’s child has a “blankie”. Because, of course I had all the answers then!

On that note: here I am with a blankie child wondering – how have you guys dealt with it? Or do you still have a wee-wee yourself? 😛

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  • Now THAT, my dear, is funny!

    You so can’t cut it up… he may need his wee-wee when he’s bigger – heehee… I digress…

    I have a friend whose 9 year old son has a special blanket, but he just sleeps with it and snuggles it when he’s tired or down or cold… I think it’s sweet, no strange… Heck, I like a softie every now and then. I think your issue is that thar name! Would Gremlin be up for a name change? :)


  • Omigosh, as I read your post I started off giggling uncontrollably which soon led to cracking up out loud! On the first day of kindergarten kids are going to go home and tell their mommies about the little boy whose mom won’t let him bring his wee-wee to school!

  • Don’t take away his wee-wee. We all need something that is comforting – I happen to love blankies myself! Bubba had a blankie like that for years and years – I don’t know how he ever gave it up, but somehow it became Daughter’s and is now called Bubba Blankie. She slept with it FOREVER (like, maybe she still does, but don’t tell anyone!). When Bubba sees it he teases her that he wants it back and she won’t give it to him! Yes, he is an adult and she is 14 years old.

    But yeah, maybe you could give wee-wee a new name?

  • If it’s comfort to you, my 10 yr. old son has a bear that he still sleeps with. Usually, it stays in his bed, but there are some days that Blue Bear comes out & joins us. I’m positive he doesn’t go around telling people at school. 😉 And he’s a fairly normal kid. His oddness doesn’t stem from his bear, I’m pretty sure.

    I think it’s perfectly fine that he has his wee wee, just maybe encourage him to not talk about it. Hee!

  • My engaged to be married in 3 months, nearly 28 year old sister still sleeps with her “bear-bear” every night, just like she has since she was two. (No, it doesn’t look like a bear anymore. It looks like a piece of trash that has been in the landfill for years!)

    That being said, I don’t think the issue is with the blanket, but with the name of the blanket. Maybe you could bribe him into giving it a new name, like Booby, they would be so much better! : )

  • I have no problem with blankies. My 4 year old son still has his, it just stays in his bed. I have no intention of taking it away from him ever. But he calls his “blankie” not wee wee!

  • This is so adorable. :) My son has a stuffed animal (Piglet, to be exact) that is his lovie. Only at night, but he’s hysterical without it, and he’s almost 6. I really don’t think it’s a big deal at all.

  • I had my ‘blanky’ (original, eh?). Blanky over my right shoulder and left thumb in my mouth (braces came later). A couple of years ago, my aunt found my blanky, washed it and wrapped it and gave it to me for Christmas. She thought I would be embarrassed, but I was overjoyed – it was a piece of my childhood… I loved it.

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