How do you feel?

Thanks for all the wonderful words of encouragement after my last post. I actually think Murphey came through for us a bit. Hulkman was doing a bit better by Saturday (good enough to start giving me a hard time!). We’re waiting on doctors for the next step (which by the way is so irritating. I know drs have a lot of patients but don’t they realize that each and every one of us are waiting on pins and needles for a single word from them?! Geez, that should be a freshman 101 class or somethun’!)

DCRMom did a little meme last week that I kinda liked (I even used the color thing). Not too committal and not too long:

Reluctant – to open up too much.

Excited – for the rain to quit for 5 minutes!

Worried – that I might worry too much! :-)

Relieved – that Hulkman is looking better.

Wondering – if the boys are having fun at Summer camp today…in the rain.

Certain – that I could water the continent of Africa with the amount of water I use for laundry! Geez, boys are dirty.

Cautious – to buy that cute little summer dress…I might make men stumble! {hee, hee…yeah right, but sounded funny!}

Happy – to have finished some long ol’ projects today.

Love – the sound of my boys laughter.

Adore – my husband. period. (Ok, maybe a semi-colon…working on the period.)

Grateful – for each day I have with my family and friends.

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