Oh…is the holiday w/e over????

I got so caught up in taking the long weekend off that I got blamuszulled with work on Tuesday.

And Wednesday.

And I’m really not caring today…. :-)

This morning we had a meeting with the counselor of OldMan’s school. We were going over his scores from his WISC-IV test. This was the “IQ” test that he had last month.

Can I just say, I’m SO not the best parent to deal with a child that has a higher IQ than me??

You give me a handicapped child and I’m good to go…I’m used to it, you know?

With OldMan I feel all tied up and probably doing more harm than good.

Oldman missed the entry for the Gifted Classes by mere points. What this means is that he’s still miserable in his classes and the state won’t do anything about it. I don’t know how to help him and encourage him, because the schools’ hands are tied by state numbers. When you piece meal the test apart he is overwhelmingly high in all areas except one….his processing speed. He can’t get what’s in his head down on paper while being timed. The counselor has given us ideas on how to help him over the summer, but honestly? On one side, I feel completely in adequate to do this. On the other side (my mama bear side) I want to yell at those administrators, “Get the hey-hoo out of my way and just let me fix what you apparently can’t do!”

Don’t get me wrong. I’m in awe of what teachers do for our kids, but what else can they do when there’s just so many more kids than there are teachers?? There have been over 700 more families that have moved to our school district since last year. The town that the school district is in has a population of 3500. They already have 4 elementary schools and are building 3 more. What else can they do??

So….that’s where I’m at this morning.

Trying not to vent (failed)….but look for solutions.

Any thoughts?

By the by….I’ve also been working on some digiscrapping for Stacey. Check em out (ok, so I hate the Spin Me one so don’t look at that one, but check out the rest.)

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  • Hmm, I honestly don’t have experience with this but my first thought was if talking directly to his current teacher would help – is there any extra work she could give him, just to keep him occupied since he probably breezes through the regular work in class?

    The other thing would be to give him a timed test each day over the summer to get him in the groove of getting his thoughts on paper quicker – perhaps the more practice he has with it the more this would help??

    Good luck with this Jenny!

  • I definitely feel your frustration. Both of my children aren’t in G/T because a test mandated it so. It is so frustrating, moreso with my daughter than my son.

    Our district also makes it incredibly hard to be identified. It’s a timed test &, really, you must finish it. They “grade” it by the total questions not only the questions answered. For a perfectionist, that’s awfully hard to do. My son sits & ponders. Neither child finished the test. And they had to make a 97% or 98% to qualify. How can you do that when you can’t even finish the test? Argh! I’m getting riled up all over again.

    How is Oldman feeling about this? Give him an extra hug for me.

  • You’re the best mama bear I ever met, JenGi. Hugs all around, no worries, this too will work itself out.

    D went over and commented on your super smokin hot digi scrap pages! You’re incredibly talented, just don’t go running off to be someone else’s CT, kk? Okay here’s the down-low. We leave the 15 (FDay, I know, I know) and return on the following Saturday or any day between that you wanna go. Still chewin on it? Pleeeeease? xoxo

    PS, I already know you won’t go, but I want you to. We’re still on for lunch, though, right? xoxo The Gidge

  • As a psych. examiner, I want to tell you that to judge a child’s ability by test scores is just WRONG. Yes, these scores can indicate those who are very gifted and therefore probably think in a way differently than other children. But there are many children who are extraordinarly talented whose test scores wouldn’t even be close. To be in your child’s corner, to realize that he learns in a different manner, (just as those with learning disabilities do), and a willingness to take him just as he is is the best you can do. So many gifted programs are all about MORE WORK rather than different types of work. The key to challenging gifted children is to teach them in different ways that not only give them new knowledge but hits their brain in a way that counts. You can SO do the things that were suggested to you. It’s worth it to try. Hang in there. And be proud!!!!

  • That’s so hard. Just keep going to bat for him… imagine if you didn’t! I can’t stand the testing they do… it just doesn’t show a child’s true skill. They know this, but keep doing the same thing…


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