Vomiteous Mass

I had such great intentions for this past weekend. I was going to design like crazy for Stacey. I was going to do a ton of research for Katja on a project. I was even going to have a garage sale AND get my house ready for my in-laws.

None of it happened.

Not a single one of it.

I came down with a flu bug from hell.

It actually started Friday evening at the ballgame. I thought I was just having an allergy attack. It was a beautiful night but the winds were kicking up. By the time I woke up Saturday morning I thought my limbs were falling off. I couldn’t feel them.

I went to bed completely stuffed up and numb YET with a headache big enough for KingKong. I don’t even remember Sunday. By Monday I was throwing up…I think. Or maybe that was Tuesday.


I’m out of bed now, but still have a Ginormous headache and a bit slushy in the head.

So please excuse me if I’m not all that and a bag of chips this week. I’m doing good just trying to get my job done.

I can’t get sick without thinking of Princess Bride.

You know you’ve all seen that movie (maybe even against your will). And if you haven’t…well, then who’s the real foreigner here?!

Anyway, remember the “bad guy” with the lisp? At some point in the movie he calls the hero a Vomiteous Mass. I loved it! Ended up calling idiots that for years. Until I discovered Butt-licker.

Then I had kids. And our 2 year old called our pastor a butt-licker on stage with the label mic on.


No more creative name calling for me.


So….it’s been a hour or so since I started this post and now Gremlin has a fever of 102 and J is starting to feel it.

Gee…won’t this be a great visit for the in-laws??

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