Go for the Gold

Tying in with my last post….

Are you guys evening cereal eaters? It was kind of an unwritten rule at our house…If you’re hungry, grab a bowl of cereal. I never thought that was an odd thing to do until I went to college. Dorm mates would shake their head and just laugh at “that crazy foreign girl”. Dude! It was a bowl of cereal!

Yeah, that’s me. Wild and crazy for eating cereal at night.

Now days I’m grabbing a bowl of cereal just to keep my energy going until bedtime.

I had NO idea kids were so exhausting!

Have you guys heard of Tony’s Gold? It is definitely a quick pick me up. It’s got the whole honey and crunch thing going on and in all honesty…it kinda takes me back “to the days”. Not sure why…but it does.

There’s my exciting tip for you this week. You may now resume your life…and don’t forget..

Theeeeey’rrrrrrrrrre GRRRRRRRRREAT!!!!!

{yes…a total dork moment, but HELLO, we’re talking about Tony the Tiger. Just be glad I didn’t start singing, “We are the Tigers, the mighty, mighty Tigers….” And if you don’t know what I’m talking about – you need to watch more tv.}

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  • Love me some evening cereal! Of course, I’m the weirdo that prefers to eat it dry. Sometimes, right outta the box!

    I have not heard about Tony’s Gold tho. Must check that out.

  • I’m a total nighttime cereal eater!!!!!!!!! My husband actually thinks I had an affair with Tony the Tiger! That weird D eats it dry, but *I* like to put half-n-half on my cereal – makes it extra sweet and yummy! Seriously, I’ve eaten cereal before bedtime since I was a wee lass.

    Love me some Rice Krispies, too – gotta check out that website, now! I wanna see what the box looked like when I was born!

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