Time flies when servers are down

I didn’t realize how long it’s been since I’ve posted…but thinks to Stacey and her “Yaaaaawwwwwnnnn” alarm, I was able to snap back to reality.

Work has taken over my life in an unhealthy way this week.  I got all kinds of grumpy on my boss because of it.  I really felt bad, but I’ve been going above and beyond for a long time and it finally just “got” me.  I guess I got my point across to him because he called last night and said that my bi-weekly meeting with him and my other boss (yes, I have 2 bosses!) was going to be Friday night – in the skybox at the Cardinals game.

Now before you guys go all – I’m-so-jealous,-she-works-for-the-best-bosses-ever!

It’s the SPRINGFIELD Cardinals…not the St. Louis Cardinals.

It can be cool though, because when a STL player is injured they come play with us while healing up.

I’m really not a baseball fan in ANY sense of the word, but I’m not going to smack a gift horse in the mouth either!

I’m off to fix or update websites, then need to get ready for a neighborhood garage sale this weekend (one of our cars died and we need $$ to fix it!)  [Aunt Bea – this is what I needed to talk to you about re: our camping trip.  Call me when you’re done watching rabbits out your window!]

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