Special Olympics

I, like so many of you, find myself over-committing. It’s my need to always want to do something new.

Yesterday I over-committed myself to the Special Olympics. Which doesn’t even really count as over-committing does it?

I absolutely love to give and help others. There is nothing better on this planet than seeing someone’s dreams come alive. For a physically or mentally handicapped person, getting a medal or ribbon for his/her best is a dream. That look on their face is an incredible high! Haven’t we all felt that at some point in time in our lives? Even when it was when we were 7 years old and just crossed the monkey bars for the first time?

Helping people get to this point is my dream.

I lost sight of that dream this past year. But recently I picked myself up off the floor, took that pacifer out of my mouth, put on my working shoes and am now determined to see people succeed!

I can’t think of a better way to get my juices flowing than to volunteer at the Special Olympics. The state competition is being held at Missouri State for the next 4 years. It’s been a loooooong time since I’ve volunteered at the Special Olympics. I used to do it every summer. I kinda had an in with my brother, Hulkman.

I’ve always encouraged people to volunteer at the Special Olympics. You will always be accepted and you will always be loved.


How can you NOT give?

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  • You ROCK! I miss my cousin Charles – I’ll have to make a point to try to see him next time I get back to Ohio. When I was growing up, my entire summer was spent with him, playing kickball and other games.

  • You go girl! If you need a compadre, call me. I’d be thrilled to get involved. My community service has been lacking since I had Alex.
    I used to go the DCO gift wrap both at Christmas every year, but I’ve been slacking the last 4+ years!

    P.S. Love the monsters! or, whatever they are!

  • It’s definitely a win/win experience. I used to help with the Special Olympics when I was still in school. I loved it. Like you mentioned, that look of pride and accomplishment is a sight to behold.

    When I subbed in the life skills room, there was a girl who had downs syndrome I just adored. My daughter knew this. When she’d see her at recess, she always made a point to hang out with her.

    I should look into the Special Olympics here. You’re an all-star!

  • Yeah, I tagged ya on the digi blog, because you’re almost famous with that layout and all. Really! Top most viewed and 4 comments. You’re a superhero and stuff.

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