Gotta get it outta my head

I have got a whopper of a website to build but I can’t seem to get my creative juices flowing. I need to get some outstanding blogging business out of my head first.


So I won some ORNA foot revitalizer a while back and never wrote about it. That’s because I’ve been testing it through the month of April. Here are the pro’s and con’s:

Pro: Really thick and buttery, yet not greasy (YEA!); A little bit goes a long way (YEA!); the tub they sent was a good amount…not some sad little sample (YEA!); I got a personal note from the maker (double YEA!); It’s pretty much (over 95%) all natural (YEA!)

And this leads to the only Con: Because it’s all natural….it doesn’t smell so hot. I, personally don’t care, but my husband can’t stand it. So instead of putting it on before going to bed, I switched and put it on first thing in the morning…and everyone was happy!


The losing weight gig….been slacking…sorry, Lori! I’m back on (as of yesterday) and am MORE than dedicated. I got thrown off (yes, like being bucked off a horse) due to a bad dosage of thyroid med. But I’m riding that stinkin’ she-donkey and the taming will now commence!


So I’ve been following this super cool chic, Jenny on the Spot, since “the” carnival of all carnivals and she tagged me for something that unfortunately I’ve already done. And Lord knows, I do hate to lick my calf (tell me you know this saying!) but in honor of her first tag to me I will dedicate this video to her:



Whew….I feel better….time to create!

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  • Hey I can’t see vid….how’re you feeling this morning? Clearly didn’t off to the hospital in your pjs, so you must be okay.

    You won stuff? Okay, JenGi, I think enough is enough, I need to go ISO (that’s in search of cool blogger speak) of new contests. THAT is how I won the Remove Before Flight T-shirt you covet. ~Gidget Your BFF (final, you cannot ever change that, either)

  • You are too funny! I love the video. From one Jenny to another, huh? 😀

    So the con doesn’t seem too bad. I mean, you found a solution that works well for the family.

    I admire your determination. I have zero self-discipline and I desperately need some. Not necessarily with losing weight, but with exercise & some toning. Sigh.

    Hey! Stacey! How did you get an icon?

  • Awww, shucks! That was stinkin’ beautiful! What a loving dedication…

    Seriously… I am still laughing… boy I needed that!

    Ummm… by the way, I do not know what that whole calf-licking thing is about…. just thought I’d mention that…

    Lastly, you take thyroid meds? I do too! I’m hypo – what are you – we have so much in common, what with the same name and all…

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