In my line of work I see some really crazy websites and/or merchandise. I can’t get over some of the things that people will buy!

So every once in awhile I’m going to share these things with you. Because what fun is laughing my head off if I don’t have it to share with you all!?

Introducing Vibram FiveFingers

Have you guys seen these? Aren’t they a hoot?? The more I look at them the more they’re growing on me.

At least they’re not Crocs!

To me they look like little (or big!) frog digits. You see it, don’t ya?!

Ok, so my first reaction was “NO WAY on God’s green earth would I be caught dead wearing those suckers!” But like I said, they’re growing on me. I can see where they would be great for canoing, or other water sports. I don’t think I could hike in them, but then again I hate to knock what I haven’t tried. Word has it there is a store in town that sells them….I may have to go and try them on just see what it would feel like having my toes individually wrapped.

What do you think….would you wear a pair? Where to? Better yet…Do you have some now?!

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