Verclempting on Monday

I was going back and looking through some posts and good grief! You guys crack me up! Like this past meme…I just knew I was going to get some hurlers on the mucus plug shot, but NOOOOooooo. You guys were dying over the nose and braces part!

It’s not disgusting to have a girl get hit in the head with a mucus plug?

But it’s hard to keep your cheesburger down over pulling my braces off?

Ya’ll are all kinds of messed up….

For the record, during the nose and braces thing I was severely hyper-thyroid-ed out. Basically the lid to my adrenaline was completely off. I remember one time getting into a head on car wreck and walked away feeling like I had just tapped someone.

My car was totaled. Adrenaline is an amazing thing!

Anyway all that to say…ya’ll are a hoot and I’m glad you take the time to read my blabberings and give me your 2 cents worth on it!


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  • You’re the funniest and most honest chicka I ever knew…and you can count on my two cents any time you want. Love ya! xoxo

    PS–You, Mist, Me….we’re going to have to get to TX somehow. We need to cheer Bear on and then shoot some coals the coach’s way. You in?

  • Oh, Stacey! Ya’ll are the best! Thanks for rooting for my boy.

    Jen, yeah, the mucus plug was gross. It’s just the nose & braces made me squeem more. Maybe cuz I know all about mucus plugs but not so much about piercing myself or yanking metal off my teeth? It’s all about frame of reference with me. 😉

  • I know – I was embarrassed to be more freaked out by the braces thing… I REALLY TRIED to lose it ouver the mucus plug story… but for some reason… actually… “reason” has nothing to do with it :) When something hits ya… I totally wasn’t trying to make play on words… really… :)

  • I need some of that adrenaline – I’ve been exhausted for what seems like a month!

    I’m ready to go cheer for Bear! Just lemme charge the camera batteries, and we’re good to go!

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