Love bite?

A couple of weeks ago, Oldman played at the gym with other kids from our church. They call it “Kid’s Night Out” and we parents LOVE it! It give us about 4 child-free hours of quiet. Well, semi-quiet….J’s a bit of a talker!

On this particular Night Out Oldman and some kids were playing Dodge Ball. Ok…now c’mon. You and I both know that those 2 words just sets the stage for some kind of pain…right?

Well, Oldman was aiming at this girls stomach and I guess his aim wasn’t too hot cause he hit her smack dab in the face. She howled and it really upset Oldman. He didn’t want to hurt her. He told her he was sorry and then offered to use a spongy ball so that wouldn’t happen again. She stopped crying and said she was fine. Life should’ve moved on, right?


Apparently she changed her mind 10 minutes later (ahem…ladies!). She waited until he turned his back to her and sunk her teeth into his shoulder/back. She broke skin but no blood. This is through a t-shirt and hoody, ya’ll. That girl had fangs!

Poor Oldman is just sensitive enough to actually care enough to be completely confused by her action.

I just shook my head and told him, “I told you girls were evil and to stay away from them!”

(He’s been planning on his and “Megan’s” wedding since Kindergarten!)

He’s not staying away from them, but he’s also not turning his back to them either!

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  • Aunt Bea – is someone picking on my Stephen again?! I’d love to say I’ve got his back, but I’m thinking he can hold his own!

  • Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my goodness poor Oldman! Send him up here for some vacation time, would ya?! This is not good (even though it sounds funny when you wrote it, but you are gifted like that). No more girls with teeth, so he’ll need to wait until he’s about 95 to find his Princess.

    Go over see what you hate what you don’t hate see if I even have a clue. Do you like the pink or would you make the girl black…OR would you rather have something else there altogether? Would you rather a good photo of yourself (send me one if yes). What colors would you keep what would you scratch? It doesn’t hurt my feelings this is for my benefit so I can learn to do this for others one day –with you. I’m thinking of a second business. I know I know ADD. xoxoxo

  • Well, better he should learn now that women can be both fickle and cruel. Might help save a bit of heartbreak later on.

    It makes me mad, just seeing that awful bite.

  • Funny thing is, Stephen really isn’t a problem. Can you imagine!
    Um, did you know the News-Leader is giving away gas cards and groceries? Go to their site and click on the pinkish, purple bar at the very top.

    Do you have TAB issues again?

  • this reminds of the time I was working at one of our city pools during the summer.I had just gotten out of the poll,and when I was drying off my hair one of the girs got wet and screamed at I’m gonna get you.Well I hightaild it out of her way and before I could escape she had dug her nails in my back and put a world of hurt into the “claw’ marks that she left on my back starting at the shoulder blades to my lower back.

  • Man! Has that girl been checked for rabies? Poor Oldman – she was obviously wanting to show him that the dodge ball didn’t hit her hard enough to knock her teeth out. Geesh!

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