Hush little baby don’t say a word…

I’ve been busy most nights this week as Famous Bro and his wife, WeeLittleSoul came to visit.  They’re running away from the Texas Summer and heading on to cooler pastures.  We might not get to see them for a couple of years so we’re soaking them up now.

I’ve really enjoyed it…my projects at work slowed down just in time for their visit….then Friday hit.  Servers started going down like crazy.  My company is only a reseller so I didn’t have to do anything to fix it, but I still got all the hate-y calls and emails.

This part of my job is the absolute worst part.  I have no problem telling a client that their website is taking longer to code or that it’s going to cost an extra $500 due to changes after the quote.  But when the servers are down and my  hands are tied it drives me to drink.  People are calling all freaked out as they are “losing thousands and thousands of dollars” due to our problem.

I feel for them.  I do.  But screaming at me is not going to make the servers come back online.  I didn’t make them go offline.

So my sole goal today is to screen calls and cross my fingers that they’ll be up by lunch!

Btw: the guys went fishing yesterday afternoon.  I went, but took my camera.  Got some great shots!  Maybe I’ll put some up for Misty’s Camera Critters….

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