She’s an it

Wow…what happened to the stinkin’ weekend?!  It flew by and I swear I didn’t do a dang thing constructive.  It was weird.

I completely missed Misty’s new Sunday meme called Camera Critters…which totally bums me out.  But I’ll get back on board next weekend.

I was actually spending all my waking hours with a constipated dog.  Not fun.  Every few minutes she’d jerk around like something bit her butt.

Kinda funny but with a side of sadness.

See, my dear new pup, Gigi (yes, another stinkin’ Gigi) recently started doing naughty, naughty things to my brother’s dog, Oscar.  I actually thought I was going to have a problem with Oscar wanting to do things to my sweet, little, innocent Gigi, but ooooh noooo…..Gigi’s a hussy.

I don’t do humping dogs.


So Friday morning, Ms. Gigi made Bob Barker very happy.

(Hey wait a minute…did you ever notice the tie between his last name and his whole deal with neutering pets??..idk)

Gigi did great with the stitches, but as with most people/animals who’ve had surgeries she got really constipated which is extra painful when you’ve been scalpeled.

But thankfully she wasn’t beyond being fixed up with some warm milk and some rub downs.  She’s doing great today and there’s DEFINITELY nothing wrong with her bowls this morning.  Joy to the world.

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