Ms. Teacher

I need some help understanding something.

I understand why students should call their teachers by their proper titles, “Ms/Mr. Teacher”.

But could someone explain to me why I need to refer to them by this same title when there are no children around?  I’ve had teachers introduce themselves to me, in a kid-free environment, as this title and they weren’t even my child’s teacher.

I, personally, can’t stand titles.  To me it’s just another way of putting yourself in a certain class – usually above other people.  That being said, I think if you worked your butt off getting a PHd, then by all means you should be referred to as, Dr. Person.  But not in a casual environment.

And please note, I’m not talking about highly professional people.  Mostly just your average teacher.

I’m willing to be educated…so someone please educate me.

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  • Well, my dear Gen/Ji some people have egos that are busting our their wahzoo!

    On the other hand I believe there are some innocent folk who just hear themselves called Ms. So-and-so all day they just repeat it out of habit.

    Unfortunately, it’s difficult at times to tell them apart from a distance. And occasionally, we will make the mistake of not using a titled name to one of the “ego” people and well then … all that stuff backed up in their wahzoo flies out and hits the fan!!!!!

  • As far as I can recall, whenever I have met my children’s teachers they have introduced themselves by first and last name, but for some reason I feel weird calling them by their first name because I don’t really KNOW them. Most anyone I don’t know on a personal basis, I call Mr. or Ms. So-andSo; it’s a respect thing. (I get annoyed when telemarketers call my by my first name on the phone – they don’t know me!)And since my children refer to their teachers as “Ms. Teacher” then that’s usually what I call them, too. Just my personal preference, tho – I don’t see anything wrong with calling them by their first name if you know them well.

  • Aunt Bea – where have you been? I’ve missed you!

    B/S – Good point. As a kid, every adult was Ms/Mr So-and-So, where now days kids seem to either call adults by their first name or put a Ms./Mr. in front of the first name. Times have changed…and so has respect.

  • That’s a good question! Between you and me (and whoever else reads this post…shhhh!) when I’m keying a form, I leave out the Dr. so and so if it has NOTHING to do with medicine. Like for instance, if you want your fabric store fliers, girlfriend, go ahead and put Dr. and Mrs. Hoity Toity on the form, but if Gidget is keying, your flier will go to M. Hoity Toity. Is this wrong Jen/Gi? And if it is, I don’t care. Is that wrong?

  • Bubba’s Sis said what was on my mind when I read your post. If I don’t know them well, I call them what my kids call them. If I do, I call them by their 1st name. And since I work with teachers, I’m mainly calling by their 1st name and sometimes to forget to add the Mrs./Ms. if a child is around.

  • to me Mr/Mrs/miss is a sign of respect. I think that has been lost for the most part today. when I was a corrections officer we called each other officer or mr or miss or if we knew if the lady was married mrs. unless ther were a supervisor than it was their rank.

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