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I’m a lurker.

I hate that I’m a lurker, but I am all the same.

I wish my lurkers would comment from time to time. We all love comments, myself included but I find myself lurking on a few sites. Of course I try to justify my lurking by putting them on my blogroll. After all, it is MY blogroll.

Besides, they usually average 30-70 comments a post. I’d kill for that. You have to be a heavy-poster to get to that point and we all know what a slacker I am in that category.

Before I get WAY off track…

One of the blogs that I like to lurk read is Antique Mommy. I ran across her blog a year or so ago and I was stunned how much she looked like a friend of mine who had her first kid at 41.

It completely amazes me how women have children in their 40’s. I’m 36 and you couldn’t pay me to be pregnant again. I’m doing good to just make it out of bed, thankyouverymuch.

So needless to say, Antique Mommy tickles my funny bone when it comes to mommyhood things. Recently she posted about a memory of one of the first times she changed her son’s diaper. It rang very similar to our (read: my husband’s) first diaper change of our first son.

My husband, J, definitely has more experience in the little kids area than I ever have. I was scared to death to have a child. I dearly wanted one, but was shocked that the 9, oh who are we kidding, 10 months of incubation didn’t bring on that motherly feeling. He was even 2 weeks late, and all that did was irritate me.

He finally came and it didn’t take long for him to have to be changed. I was still numb from the spinal block, so my hubby flew into action. As good as he was with kids, it was just a different story when it was HIS kid. He wanted everything to be just so. He had the new diaper ready, wipees, a towel under his butt, and trashcan nearby.

As soon as he unwrapped him from his blanket OldMan started screaming. Nothing like screaming from a newborn to put some pressure on you!

J whipped off the dirty diaper and reached for the clean one and then it happened. If you’re a mom/dad of a boy you know exactly what’s coming next.

My husband had thought of everything except for the pee-pee shield. And OldMan let it fly! That pee arched high and right into his own mouth. I couldn’t see a thing except for J’s back, but what I heard in unison was:

Oldman: Sssscccrreeeeeeeeaaaaaammmmmm….gurgle,gurgle,gurgle,gurgle….
J: Uhm…dangit,dangit,dangit, Aw man…wait, stop, dangit,DangIt,DANGIT!!!!!!

He didn’t know whether to cover the part or pick him up and drain his mouth. He was a mess…both of them. He was able to finish up, but it took a long time before he saw the humor in it.

Now OldMan is eight and he thinks it’s a hilarious story and laughs with his dad over it.

You can bet your sweet bip-y, we didn’t make that same mistake with Gremlin.  Shoot, we were pro’s by then!  As long as we don’t count the time that we forgot to put up the side of Gremlin’s crib and found him the next morning sleeping on the top bunk of his brothers bed! 😉

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  • Lurker – yeah, me too. I guess I’m not lurking right now though… But those folks who get arms loads of comments – they gotta be puttin’ some serious time in commenting back, finding new blogs to comment on and reply to those comments! I so would love to be that popular, but so can’t manage such popularity!

    That was a GREAT pee story – I covered my mouth and everything! My 3 year old said, “What laughing at Mommy?” Truly, a story for the history books!

    I suppose I could at least lurk at Antique Mommy… but I could break that barrier…

  • Yeah jennyonthespot’s right, I wouldn’t want to comment so much, really. You had pee shields? I’m envious, we couldn’t even afford the good wipes! Psh!

    Alright, I have no original thoughts, I’m going to follow the other Jenny over! Love ya! xoxoxo Gidge

  • I read Antique Mommy and Jamee Forever, so we have those in common. I usually don’t comment unless I have something specific to say. I read lots of blogs that don’t get much feedback. I’ll hardly ever comment on a blog that has hundreds of comments, like Pioneer Woman or Waiter rant. Who wants to be lost in the shuffle?

  • First time reader, but I will delurk too….since I have the same problem. I have lots (okay maybe a few) readers, but no one ever leaves comments! It is so darn frustrating! Found you via Antique Mommy……and expecting my first child……so maybe one day in September I will be able to write my “pee-post”! Love the blog!

  • Not a lurker, but had to say…..FUNNY STORY!!!!! I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a pee-pee shield – I just used another diaper and did the quick switheroo. The pee-pee fountain can be veeeeery daaaangerous (said in my best Crocodile Hunter accent)!

  • I am laughing so hard at these comments! I didn’t know there was a thing called pee-pee shield either! That’s just what we called the spit-up cloth we used as a shield…HA!

    New commenters: GREAT TO HEAR FROM YOU!!! Thanks for stopping by as always.

  • lurker,well I try not to be.I think it is more polite if you are going to take the time to come and read a blog that you can spare a second or two to leave a comment as well. that my story and I’m sticking to it.

  • Honestly, the only time I’m a lurker is on those specific sites that receive 70 comments per post… I figure my little comment isn’t going to mean much to them, but my comment on my friend’s blogs will mean something to them. I’m weird, I know, but that’s why you guys love me, right?!?!

    The story Jen/Gi – you had me rolling in laughing hysterics! Oh my gosh you tell funny stories!

  • I confess….I’m a lurker too. I do comment a lot though. I also must confess I hate seeing 50 people visit my site in a day and getting 5 comments. :)

  • came via all chick stuff…i lurk at times, too, but one thing i definitely don’t do is post anonymous comments. that’s one thing i don’t like.

    ah, yes, the pee pee shield….never had one of those and they should tell you about a poo shield, too. my son, who will be 21 in june, squirted his lovely poo all over my hands as i was changing an already poopy & pissy diaper. now isn’t that fun? NOT. LOL

  • While I’m not a lurker on this site, I do admit I lurk on others. It appears that not only am I shy in real-life, I’m also shy in the blogosphere.

    That’s a GREAT story! Poor J, I can just picture his New-Dad face. Hee! Ah, the joys of baby boys (& girls can have their moments too)…

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