Lazarus turned Lacky

I’ll tell you what!  On Saturday, when I woke up, I swear I knew exactly what Lazarus felt like when his Buddy (with a huge capital B) brought him back to life!  I couldn’t figure out why my head was in screaming pain.

Then I read what Misty Dawn wrote in the comments of my last post and about fell over!  My head doesn’t do so well with antihistamine and with 2 of those pills in me I was a goner.

I’m back up to snuff today though and working like a dog.

I think most of you guys know that I work in the computer industry.  But basically I work for marketing firms in the web maintenance area.  I’m one of those people that know just enough code to do damage. 😀

Being so close to Branson,  a lot of my clients are marketers/managers for the entertainment field.  Or “artists”, as they like to be called.  We’re talking Branson people!  If I was a teenager and it was 1957, I might swoon at the idea of working on your website, but I’m not and I’m not.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are a couple of “artists” that I’ve found myself intrigued as they had some very cool songs that I loved to rollar skate to. (“Limbo!”)

But all in all I don’t see why I have to put up with has-beens who want to be treated like David Beckham and Ms. Posh herself.  It ain’t gonna happen….I can tell you that right now!  No siree, bub.  I don’t bend over for just any yea-hoo!

Oh, what’s that?  Your neediness is putting food on my table?  Clothing my children?

Right…well, there’s always that.

{…sigh…damn those silver spoons}

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  • What??? I almost made you fall over? I didn’t mean to knock you down! I’d never knock one of my friends down… well, unless we were participating in some sporting event, but that’s usually family that I try to demolish, not friends… so anyway – what were we talking about? Oh yeah! I’d never knock you down, Girl!

    By the way – I made my 500th post on My Dogs Keep Me Sane and you are part of it! Just thought you would like to know… now don’t fall over or anything, K?!?! Jen/Gi… Jen/Gi – get up!

  • Yay! JenGi is awake!! Welcome back to the Living, darling!

    This Branson business sounds scandalous. Names! We want names!

    P.S. Thank you for your kind words to my mom – she needs them right now! You are a sweetheart.

  • JenGi you’re the queen of BFFs, let me tell ya! You made me laugh out LOUDDDDDDDDDD when I read that comment to my friend Rita! I love you, but then you knew that, because you’re the exclaimation point to my dash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Umm, if Donny and Marie are your clients, you still need to call me…I’d bow down to them. I would! xoxoxoxoxoxo

    PS–I finally found it, was only 30 minutes past deadline, and now my in-laws are theatening to come by for a drop in.!

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