Not feasting this Friday

I woke up this morning with a crick in my neck and lower back pain.

Is that a beautiful start to this post or what?! Oh, it gets better.

I’m all about the meds so off to the medicine cabinet I went…grabbed my handy-dandy “Pain Reliever” bottle and popped a couple.

Wait a minute…I don’t remember those being that color!

Sure as shootin’…I had popped 2 “Pain Relieving” PM pills!! Ya’ll!! When I use those I can’t handle more than 1! In about 15 minutes I have to take my oldest to school and I’ll be half dead by then!

Oh how I wish I could make myself throw up…but I don’t do throw up.

Needless to say the idea of getting my mind wrapped around a Friday Feast is not an option (Good grief…they want us to invent a flower!!!)

This one blogger I’ve started to follow…Jenny on the Spot…takes a picture of the inside of her fridge on Fridays. Isn’t that awesome?! That just cracks me up! I could do that without too much energy….

…crap, the lids are getting heavy….

…but my pain is gone. 😉

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  • Oh no! I don’t do well with those pm type things either. My husband gets Goody’s pm and one powder knocks me out. You’re supposed to take 2. At least the pain is gone!
    I’ve got to check out this person who photographs the inside of her fridge,lol…mine is a mess, and I’ve just cleaned it!

  • ruh roh. By the way, if you happened to have any hives, or allergic reactions, those would be gone too. That reliever PM has the same ingredient that Benedryl does that makes you sleepy. One time, I had hives and my best friend (she’s a nurse) said “Take two Blue PM pills and call me in the morning” My hives were gone in less than a half hour… course, I was asleep by then too.

  • First off – how’d the day go? did you make it. I don’t throw up either… unless my body overrides my strength :)

    So, I am finally catching up on my blog reading – and lookie – you linked to me! Lil’ ‘ol me? :) Thanks! I’m tickled!

    Alright – I’m off to read the other stuff I’ve missed here all week!

  • Wait! Noooooooooooooooooo you can’t go to sleep yet, I need the fridge photo. Now! JenGi, wake up! JenGi? Jen….Gi…..Jennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!

  • OH NO.. I don’t do well with that sort of stuff either, it just knocks me out and I need tooth picks to keep the eyes open.. Hope all is well now and the neck is better.

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