Warning for cat owners!

My dear friend Stacey is dealing with a really sick cat and has found out that it’s probably linked to a Lily plant that she brought back from church.

If you have a cat or know someone who has, you need to check her post out from today.

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  • I saw that about Stacey’s cat. I believe I’ll mention it in my blog, too. I don’t have house cats, but I wouldn’t want any friends to end up grieving over a cat when it’s death could be prevented.

  • I linked about this too. I had no idea lily plants were toxic. :( I hate that Stacey is dealing with this herself, but I thank her for raising our awareness.

  • Thank you JenGi, it’s a great idea to sperad the word. This time of year they’re probably in homes everywhere! We didn’t make the decision tonight, we want to give him one more day. xoxo

  • I was just looking at a website that lists TONS of plants/flowers that are poisonous to cats and dogs. I couldn’t believe how many there are! Another one to take note of at this time of year… it said Daffodil bulbs are poisonous.

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