During the Ultimate Blog Party of ’08 I discovered the blog of one Lori – A Cowboy’s Wife. She stood out to me because she was the only blog I read that had a video of herself dancing…and the girl could move! There is no way in hillybilly land would I put a video of myself on my blog…let alone a video of me dancing!!

But Lori rocked and made my belly laugh! I bookmarked her and went back a few times. She’s pretty funny in general and she really is a cowboy’s wife; which is an interesting lifestyle to me. (And if you go right now, you’ll see a picture of a 2-headed calf! No foolin’…I think. Lori! Is that thing real?!?!)

Ok, now hold that thought while I change gears a bit….

Some of you remember last summer I did that weight loss blogging thing and it worked pretty good. I lost quite a bit of weight, but then the summer ended and I stopped doing it and blah, blah, blah…

Weeeeeelllll….Ms. Lori is going to keep a Vlog (video blog) on one of her other sites, All Chick Stuff and has invited others to join. So I’m doing it again!

I’m not necessarily doing the video thing; however once a week I’ll update on how I’m doing. I’m also not keeping track of my weight as my weight is not really an issue. It’s more of the inches and settling of the fat in my butt. I’m only updating it once a week so I don’t completely bore the hey-hoo out of those of you who don’t give a flying fig.

If you want to join I really think it will be fun. She’s thinking about having a prize at the end of it and it’s great to have accountability while doing this. So pop on over if you have the mind to.


2-headed calf = A cowboys wife
Vlog = All chick stuff

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