Who needs Fark.com

…when you’ve got live news in the Ozarks?!

It’s amazing to me just how often I sit down to catch important news and find myself on the floor in hysteria.

Like the other day…

Did you know that if you’re having a hard time making a hole in your wall for your TV cables you could use a .22? You may kill your wife in the process, but at least you’ve got your dang hole!

No lie. Check it out…


I can just hear it now…

“Patsy…you go on outsi’ an stand where I tol’ ya. When I make that ther hole you’n push that cable ther in the hole. Got it?”

“Ok, Ronald, but be careful puttin’ that hole in the wall. Make sure it’s big ’nuff. How’re ya gonna do it?”

“Don’t yap at me, Patsy! It ain’t rocket science…I know what I’m doin’!”

{mumbling to himself..} “…tellin’ me how to do my job. I’ll show her big enough…gonna git m’gun…”


“Rooooonald! What’re you doin’?!”

“Shut up, woman! I know what I’m doin’ I’m the man here!”


….yep, Ronald…you showed her. Now who’s going to fix your TV dinners?

(*For those of you who haven’t found Fark.com…you are missing good blog-fodder.)

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  • Oh dear. That sounds about right for my old stomping grounds (Arkansas) too.

    I haven’t ever heard of Fark.com. I’ll have to check it out later.

  • No way! I’m on my way over there in a bit. Only in the hillbillies, JenGi. Sure you and the J man don’t wanna move up here, soak in a little Lees Summit culture? I hear we might be getting Legoland. How Cool is that? In my back yard to boot! You could come over, sip a blue martini, walk across the street, build you a roller coaster………..

  • Awww JenGi, don’t be jealous, that’d be farking silly! Oops, is that bad? Should I erase that? Let me know.

    I didn’t talk to Mist on the phone, I AIMed her. Do you have AIM? I’ll AIM you too. Download it if you don’t. xoxo

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