Quick interruption…

I see that I have some people that come here by way of Google Reader…if you are one of those people, would you please tell me how you pulled up my subscription, because I can’t find me for love or money!!

I’ve tried to search by way of Jenny86753oh9, 86753oh9.wordpress, etc.  Nada. Nothing.


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  • I’ve been a fan since your GGW days — even before you added the “Bible Style” to try to clean it up! So when I discovered Google Reader, I had your URL, and went to Add Subscription, and put it in. Now, whenever you update, I see it there. Sometimes I click to you directly from there (like I might have today), and sometimes I will go to you from my Favorites list…it just depends.
    As far as I can tell, being able to get to someone via Google Reader doesn’t mean that they can get to you by searching on Google.
    Does that help? Probably not-so-much because I don’t understand much about technoblogging. :o) Maybe someone else can explain it better?

  • Thanks, Melissa…can you believe my problem was that I was spelling my own blog name wrong?!?! Yeah…feelin’ good. I is smart like that!

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