Gone too soon

Just got back from a funeral. Before marrying J I had only been to 1 funeral, but in the past 10 years I’ve been to WAY too many funerals. I can’t even count how many.

As much as people try to make funerals a memorial to the person who has passed they are still filled with so many tears of pain and sadness. Today’s funeral was so much worse. I have never been to a graveside funeral before.

It was for a baby that died at 20 weeks in her mother’s womb.

Grace Kathryn was just old enough for her parents to know she was a girl. She was practicing her breathing and swallowing. She also was getting her very own fingerprint.

But last week God chose to go ahead and bring her home early.

It is truly a sad and emotional experience that happens too often. As I stood there listening to a beautiful little girl sing Amazing Grace, I looked across the “casket” and saw where 4 other funerals took place very recently for little ones that left too soon.

My heart aches for the parents as they try to lift their chin and move on with their lives without the life that was just moving around last week.

As much as I want to wring my boys’ necks from time to time, you can bet I’ll be giving some extra lovin’ when they come home from school today.

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