Funny bone

I can’t stand Christian comedians.

They’re just not funny.

It’s not like I love to hear the “F” bomb every other word from the comedians on the Comedy Channel, but some of them are stinkin’ funny!  Whereas, most Christian comedians are SO lame.  Completely clean yet hilarious material is hard to pull off.

Maybe it’s an off day for me but this guy, Tim Hawkins is kind of funny.  Here’s a sample of him on Parenting:


(* Disclaimer…if that wasn’t funny then you need to go to the fridge, take out the last of the green beer from St. Patty’s Day, chug some down and then watch it again!  Repeat as necessary.) 

He also plays off of songs like Cletus take the reel (Jesus take the wheel), but his funniest is his song A Homeschool Family sung to the tune of The Aadams Family.  Lordy!  You guys need to see that on You Tube too.  It’s too true….

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