Ya win some…ya fish some

It was a beautiful weekend in the Ozarks!  Some of our grass is starting to turn green.  It’s officially trout season, so that means only one thing in our household…time to get the tacklebox ready.  Each of the boys got their own this year and J was making sure they remembered how to cast properly, so as odd as this picture seemed to our neighbors….the boys had a blast pinging the shed and fort!

While they were fishing, I was inside screaming like I had Jon Bon Jovi right there in my living room!  Cause…. 

 I won something!  I won something! {…jumping up and down, flapping arms like an idiot…which would’ve turned BonJovi off entirely.}

My name was pulled from the list of over 1400 participants of the Ultimate Blog Party and I won something!

What did you win, already?!?!  You ask?

 The foot revitalizer!

I have NO idea what it is but I WON IT! 

Most of you guys know how bad I try to win contests and now it’s FINALLY paying off (I just KNEW I had to get off that Girls Gone Wild-Biblestyle blog!)

I’m probably getting the cart in front of the horse so to speak since I haven’t even received the product yet, but DANG I’M EXCITED!!!!!

Just wait till it comes in and I use it!

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  • Foot revitalizer!! COOL!!! Congrats, girl! If it works real good on your feet, you can smear it all over your body for that complete revitalization that we all so desperately need. Let me know how that works for ya!!

    P.S. I won nothing. I went to only a very few parties. I suck.

  • OH man.. that is the prize I wanted.. :(
    I’ll forgive you this time.. ;P
    Congrats on your win..
    I love LOVE the picture of your men and there fishing..
    My oldest son is getting all excited for his spring break.. We are heading south to visit my sister but the only reason this whole trip got planned was so that my dad and my boy could go fishing.. So he is getting all excited for his fishing trip.. we are leaving Friday.. it’s going to be a long week with the question.. “how many days till we leave?”

  • I heard through the grapevine that the chicken dance is a huge turn-on for Jon Bon Jovi!

    (My step-daughter just went to see them in concert last night – her boyfriend got her tickets for her birthday! She keeps rubbing it in… bad!)

  • Yay!!! You rock!! Have fun with your foot revitalizer. :)

    I adore that picture of your boys! My kids love to fish but we don’t really have a fishing place for them.

  • Yeeee hawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww JenGi you’re a lucky lucky lady! And you’ll soon be a lucky lady with very revitalized feet! I totally enjoyed the fishing photos, that’s fun! Love ya! xoxo The Gidge

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