I’m dyin’ here!  How are you people writing posts AND reading all those party posts?!?!  Maybe you aren’t trying to move your office to your home, getting ready for company to come (no, Stacey…not you.  J’s family…but I’m sure you’re next!), trying to side your house, and throwing up every where due to the flu??

 Whew…good.  And here I thought I was just being a stinkin’ slacker.

Heavy on the stinkin’…the flu has been a whopper!  Two girls just left the office because they were about to puke…I swear I did NOT give it to them….I hope.

 I, personally am blaming Stacey cause she had it last week and I talked to her and then I got it!  Wonder if Mr. Bell knew what he was creating!

Also..on a side note:  GO DAVID COOK!!!! (for those of you in caves, he’s an American Idol guys…the winner for this season!)

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