Ultimate Blog Party is on!!

Welcome party hoppers!

Since I know there will probably be another 1,000 bloggers participating in this years UBP, I promise not to take up too much of your time.  Just a few introductions then I leave you to browse around.  

The guy in the middle of the Euchre game is my husband, J.  Wow…good hand!

The kids flayling about with Wii controllers are my boys, Oldman (8) and Gremlin (4).

Hiding like a big scaredy cat in the corner is my big ol’ chocolate lab, Rivka.

She’s a big baby and drools alot! 

That little rat by your feet is my newest puppy, GiGi.  She’s a miniture Shi-tzu and poos more than my 2 big dogs put together!

Speaking of 2 big dogs…where’s Boomer.  Oh well, she’s my Border Collie/English Setter mix.  You’ll know when she’s around cause she’ll goose you from behind.  She’s got a nose for trouble!

This is me with some blogging buddies..I’m on the left, Cat’s in the middle and my dear friend, Stacey is on the right. 

Now have we met before?  You look familar…maybe we met on my old blog, Girl Gone Wild – Biblestyle.  Yeah,  I had to move over to this one because the other one was causing me some issues (as you can imagine!).

Well, I’m going to let you look around.  I see some more people are at the door. 

If you get a chance to talk to my brother, Hulkman 

  hulkman.jpg…he’s a hoot and will entertain you for hours!

Leave me a comment and I will be sure to stop by your place.  I’m always intriqued by what people can do with their space! (SO did not mean to rhyme there!)

Prizes I’d LOVE to win:
#20 – $50 GC to Paperlicious
#21 – Foot revitalizer
#46 – $20 GC from Kelly
#53 – $25 GC Skin Care Girl
#91 – Burt Bee’s line
#113 – Arbonne Basket
#135 Handmade necklace

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