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So, here’s the deal (I haven’t said that in forever!…I’ve been having withdrawls)…a month or so ago Shana made a diaper cake for her sis-in-law’s baby shower.  I had seen a few, but wasn’t entirely sure what they were (I actually thought it was made up of baby wash clothes!).  After Shana’s post showing her work of art, I was ALL inspired.

It’s not like I have tons of baby showers to go to, but I just so happened to know of a baby shower that I was going to be invited to at the end of February.  I got permission to make it and was prepared to spend hours perfecting it!

But as life would have it…I completely forgot how close the end of Febuary can sneak up on people!

So the day before I found myself hightailing it all over Hobby Lobby and Walmart looking for just the right “stuff”.  And here’s what I made!


Doesn’t it look great?!?!  I completely shocked myself!  I’m not crafy.  My husband actually does better than me at stuff like this.  But I think it turned out real classy (that is with a ‘c’-not a ‘k’ as most Ozarkers spell and say it)! 

Word has it, the mommy-to-be was real pleased by it, but I wouldn’t know first hand because I haven’t heard from her since!  …ahem…hint, hint. (No, I don’t own a phone that I could pick up by myself….)

Thanks, Shana for the GREAT idea!

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