I am a closet extremist

Not very many people know that. Having kids puts that side of me under ground. I may think base jumping rocks, but I don’t want Gremlin thinking that right now. He’s got enough scars as it is.

This morning I was SO jealous. Do you know of Jeff Corliss? Remember he was the guy that got busted trying to base jump off the Empire State Building a month or so ago. I have ALWAYS wanted to base jump. What a rush…  The idea of running right off a cliff and free-falling is…well, just plain cool.

Well, this guy is getting ready to jump out of an airplane without a parachute! He’s planning on using one of these:


I first saw this in a movie and I’ve wanted one ever since. Jeff has been practicing a ton (over 1,000 jumps), but he’s having a little trouble with the landing. He’s still having to use a parachute at the end. I guess tomorrow he’ll be on the Today show. I thought it was going to show him “attempting” to land, but he’s only showing how to free fall with this suit.


What side of you are you hiding in the closet?

(No kinky stuff, Stacey…we already know how warped you are! )

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  • I think I’m hiding my rocker side. I want to live on the tour bus. Stay up until the wee hours of the morning. Play Guitar Hero in my spare time (I’m trying to convince Hubs I need the Aerosmith version coming out this summer)!
    The big hold up to this one is that I have trouble staying awake to see the 10 p.m. newscast.

    My other choice would be a career in the medical field. I’m thinking heart surgeon! Ripping someone’s chest open and repairing their most vital of organs. That’s so cool!
    Bad news, you have to start at the bottom. Although blood, bones, muscle and tissue ROCK! Poop and puke make me more nauseated than a pregnant woman on a tilt-a-whirl!

    So I guess I’ll stick with the exciting world of advertising where my exposure to late night, poop, and puke are limited.

    But, I’m still begging for Guitar Hero!

  • I would be hiding my racing side. I love to go fast. I love driving fast, pushing the car to the limit and beyond. As a teen, I used to race my little 4 cylinder toyota so much, I broke the speedometer.

    Now, though, as the mom of 5 sons, I must hide that side. I must keep that side hidden until they are all married, and on their own insurance policies.

  • JenGi JenGi JenGi….you’d look so cute in that little suit, you need one! Absolutely! Me? Well clearly you’ve been snooping around my closet already, but here’s one: I’d love to drive a little tractor with one of those scooping blades on the front. You know, the kind that scoop up flat missionary-turned-mommy types that think they can jump out of airplanes wearing little suits with wings. Now THAT would be a rush. (oooooh what now?!) xoxo

  • I’m going to plead the fifth on this one.

    My reputation is on the line. Ha!

    If anyone else gets crazy with their answers then maybe I’ll see about putting my feet in the water.


  • Oh man that would be cool! I remember when I was very young (primary school), I wanted to be able to do everything my daddy did. Well, we went fishing, and then Dad decided to jump off the very high cliff into the water. I thought it was really cool and wanted to do it too. But, Dad was afraid since I was so little that I wouldn’t jump out far enough and that I would hit the rocks. So, I asked “Well Daddy, will you toss me then?” Yeah, it didn’t go over well when I went to school that Monday, the teacher asked what we did over the weekend, and I replied “My daddy threw me off a cliff!”

  • Oooo – I think I have a rocker side, too. With a tattoo! My kids would be appalled!

    Now, jumping out of airplanes in your Rocky-the-Flying-Squirrel suit? That’s just plain ol’ crazy.

  • I guess I’m a closet freak. 😉 My hubby has designed 2 tattoos for me ( I am still tat-less tho). And I wouldn’t mind getting my ear cartilage (top part) pierced.

    You? Are brave! I would never have the nerve to jump out of an airplane, much less wearing that get-up.

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