Orange is NOT the new Red

Back in October, before I moved to this new blog, I posted about the game of all games as far as a Sooner fan goes….OU vs. Texas.

With the post, I added this photo:


 Isn’t that a beautiful sight?!

Anyway…it’s amazing to me that I’m still getting comments about that post.  Before you head over there, note that some jerk-wad “Justin” called me a clown because he said the team on the bottom was OSU (Okla State Univ). 

Uhm…NO IT’S NOT!  And who comes to my rescue to set the story straight?  None other than someone in the photo!

Kudo’s to Greg Moyer (OU, ’94-’97) for so delicately putting Justin in his place.  And between you and me Greg? Wasn’t sure who the team was, but an orange butt is an orange butt to be defeated – no matter who has it!

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  • Someone in the photo set it straight? Well JenGi you’re that cool, I’m not surprised. (A beautiful sight indeed, I may watch next season with John)

    How’s the floor coming? Are you ready for Mr. and Mrs. Gidget and their boyyy to come down and test it out? You can’t hide forever. If I don’t get an okay soon….I’m going to as Aunt Bea if I can stay with her! We’ll call you, though.

  • My brain is gone. It really is. I meant UNexpected things. Sigh. Jen, I really think I need to buy Brain Age for the kids’ DS for MYSELF to play.

  • JenGi, Forget you? Girl (low JenGi whistle here) I’m hoping you’re half my team, are you kidding! Get that office moved tout de suite, you laminate laying hillbilly holler girlfriend of mine! Hurry hurry hurry! xo

    The Gidge

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