Is 57 the new 36?

I keep hearing how the 40’s are the new 30’s and the 30’s are the new 20’s, etc…ad nauseum.

Please tell me 57 is the new 36!

J just got me Brain Age2 and the first thing they do is check to see how “old” your brain is at the beginning. 

I’m 57.  Fifty-seven!

Wanna know the test to configure this scientific number?  I had to play “Rock, Scissors, Paper” with the computer. 

No kidding.

It was so stinkin’ frustrating because apparently the sweet, little instructor couldn’t understand me when I would say, “Scissors” so it would tell me I was wrong.

 Look buddy!  Scissors is the only thing that can beat paper!  Plus “scissors” sounds nothing like “paper” or “rock” so what else do you friggin’ think I’m say?!?!

I will beat this stinkin’ computer and HIS language barrier, but until then…

 57 is hot!

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