Where the hey-hoo have I been?

…goin’ crazy.

 K, not really…just taking a week to get some crap together.

 Good news this week:
1.  Got the roof and gutters done…yeah!
2.  Found out that I get to start working f/t from home starting next week…BIG Boo-ya!!!  That means more time to spend on the blog thing!
3.  Siding has been ordered and will get started on that…saved money by doing it ourselves so I get another little extra for something I’ve been wanting for awhile (will tell when it’s done).
4.  Oldman is doing so much better at school and at home.  I think we’re finally getting through this anger thing with him.
5.  Gremlin is adjusting to preschool great and hasn’t busted his head open again in almost 3 weeks!
6.  My long lost cousin just had twins and in his honor I leave you with this video (It’s so stinkin’ hillarious!!!):


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