Whether you are a Christ believer or not, I think everyone has found themselves at some point in time at a crossroads and “felt” that something big was going to happen. 

Some may say it’s a scary feeling.  To others it’s exhilerating.

But no matter how it feels, do you step up to the change or do you stand there and wait for it to hit?

J and I have had a TON of changes in our lives since December….

J’s loss of job
A new job for me
Preschool for one kid
Anger issues with the other kid
House/cars ravaged by storms….

Throughout all these changes, ups and downs…I have felt a different kind of change in the wind.  It’s still not here.  I’m not sure if it’s for me personally, or for our family.  Will I miss it when it comes?  What if I’m not “looking” the right direction?

I feel it….

It’s very strong today….

I’m nervous, yet anxious to know what it is.

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  • I hope your wind of change brings warmer weather!

    Seriously, you all have been so heavy on my heart. I felt strongly that I need to pray for you early Friday morning. I don’t have a particular reason why. But two hours later (not that I deserve a saint award, I just DON’T pray that long, period) I felt a sense of peace for you.

    Okay, I have to think of something clever now. Mushy stuff is much easier to take when it’s sandwiched between wittiness!

  • I know exactly how you feel, this is exactly what I am going through right now too. I pray that your changes will come quickly so you don’t have to wait in limbo….

  • Change is always scary and nerve-wracking. And you have had a lot of change to deal with.

    I’ll pray that you’ll notice this change when it comes and that it’s of the great variety.

  • Oooooh, I have a love/hate relationship with that feeling! lol. I love it because I know God is working on something big for me, but I hate it because I resist change!

    I will say, I’m excited for you though. :)

  • I’m worried. I adore you and I hope you call with whatever you need whenever you need it. I’m calling you in a sec, whether you want me to or not. xoxoxo

  • I know the feeling you’re talking about. For a couple of years I have been so frustrated at neighbors everywhere and the way they intrude. Then last summer I was riding my horse and I felt, more than heard, this: “In two years none of it will matter.”

    With a year and a half to go, I still wonder what’s going to change my feelings of being smothered by people: Am I going to die? Is my husband going to die? Are we going to move someplace?

    Somehow I feel whatever happens, it’ll be a good thing.

  • My mantra: Changeisbadchangeisbadchangeisbad.

    But change is inevitable, and if God is working in your life, then have the peace in knowing that it will all be for the best, and you will be OK. If you don’t recognize it at first, and it is God’s will, then He will hit you with it again. And again. And you’ll get it. You will. I am praying for you, too, sweetie!

  • Oh dear Jen, I pray for you and your family. Hang in there dear. God never leaves you or forsake you. He is always there, carrying you in His loving arm. In hard times I often can be nearer to Him, and feel His presence. I am sure His love will always take care of you… I hope I can be there if there’s anything I can do for you, but prayers will move the Almighty Hands to touch you and give you comfort…

    be strong my friend… even if you are not ‘looking’ for the right direction, no worries, Jesus is in charge.. He can redirect you, He can guide you, and He will! Be joyful in Him… I use to read Psalm as my prayers when I am in trouble.

    Grief changes our perspective on life…how we deal with sorrow will make us either bitter or better.

    – David McCasland

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