Costliest pluck ever

Since 60-year-old women throwing underwear at you on stage isn’t embarrassing enough, Tom Jones decided to take it a step further. He’s gone and insured his chest hair for 7 million dollars! SEVEN MILLION DOLLARS!

Are you kidding me?! I know guys that spend millions of dollars trying to keep that fuzz off their chest and he thinks his is worth 7 mil? Apparently the Lords of London guys do too cause their insuring him. I’d like to know if they’re going to pay up when he’s 90 and every hair on his body is in the shower drain!

In doing some research (because I’m a very thorough kind of gal), I found that he’s Welch and hasn’t always been hairy. See?…


Also according to this website, the Welsh can’t stand him:

“The Welsh actually hate Tom Jones with a passion. Although singing is a national pass time in Wales, most think that Tom ditched his roots when he turned his back on singing down the coal mines and changing his coal clad overals for his tight suits and sex symbol status.
As a result Tom had to move to America where he could sniff all the underwear thrown at him during his shows in peace without having coal thrown through his windows. Tom did try to build bridges with the Welsh 10 years ago by agreeing to do a gig down a coal mine for the miners, but his voice was so powerful that it caused the mine to cave in over the audience.”

Wow…that is so hot.

P.S. I hear through the Ozark rumor mill that Bon Jovi will be in Kansas City April 17th and 20th!!  I think the 20th is sold out but there might be tickets available on the 17th….HELLO!!!!!!!! 

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