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Well… I sit here at work…the only person at work since mother nature sneezed black ice on our roads last night.  Hillbillies do not do well with black ice.  Nothing’s funnier than a cart and horse on it’s side in a ditch.

So here’s the deal (might I just insert here how interesting it was that apparently I say “here’s the deal” A LOT and I had NO idea?!)…

Saturday night was different.  Went to one of our favorite steakhouses with Ms. Can’t Be Wrong (or Aunt Bea) and her family for my birthday.  It was fun and relaxing…

Until Mr. Aunt Bea decides to tell our waitress it was my b-day.  Now, there are a lot of restaurants that do some crazy things for people’s b-days.  At one local restaurant, they put a coffee filter on your head, make you stand up on your chair and they sing some wacked out version of Happy Birthday.  At another they come and tie a bunch of helium balloons to your hair (you can imagine what that looks like).

Our family loves to take our boys on their b-day’s to the steakhouse we went to on Saturday because they get to climb on a saddle while the waitress yells at the top of her lungs that it’s that child’s birthday and on the count of 3 everyone in the restuarants yells, “Yee-haw!”  The boys totally dig it!

I, however, don’t dig it.

But being the good sport that I am, I crawled on that saddle (that 5 minutes earlier had a bibbed-overall 60-something drunk man on it) and admitted that I was 36.  All the other waiters and waitresses gawfawed at me….loudly.  Just about the time I was starting to feel stupid, my waitress yells:

“Everybody!  This here is Jen and she’s turning 26!  On the count of 3 I need everyone to give her a huge Yee-haw…”

And they did and I prayed that I could get off that wedgie-giving sit without falling on my tuckus.  I’m sure I was red for at least an hour afterwards, but how could I NOT tolerate that when she announced I was 26?!

I think I love her!

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  • YEEEEEEE-HAAAAAWWWWW, Baby! Apparently my “youngness” has been rubbing off on you!

    BTW, Tracy called me yesterday to asked if I could guess what there sermon was about Sunday. Yep, it was about Peter. She is quite the shoulder-shaking giggler, so I was immediately concerned. Good news, she says God didn’t remind her of J’s story until 11:55. But I guarantee you she was snickering through the alter call.
    To top it her Sunday school teacher, Mr. Aunt Bea’s Aunt (whew, that’s a little confusing), mentioned “pecker-woods” when she testified on Sunday night. I think she meant wood pecker’s but you might reference the book, just in case.

  • Well happy birthday to you :)
    Sounds like a fun and interesting night.
    Glad you had a great *26* birthday LOL

    I’ll be 36 on my next b-day

  • Let me guess… you went to Texas Roadhouse Grill? Because that same exact scenario played out for me on my 25th birthday!

    Anyway, glad you had a fun birthday night!!

    Jane, Pinks & Blues

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