Coolest bloggers EVER

Ya’ll are super cool…

 Thanks for the love.  The hugs are felt.  Thanks for the reminder that we’re being carried by Someone so much bigger than this.  And SuperMom56 gets the big kudos for putting my sons on a treasure hunt!

Now, please excuse me while I remind my darling little Gigi that grass is for poop…not purses!

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  • Oh dear, poop in purses is not a pleasant gift at all. But, she’s so cute! You need to post an updated picture.

    I’m glad you are feeling the hugs & love.

  • What are you talking about? You been hanging out with the Hurdy Gurdy man too long Jenn/Gi.

    Niki called a bit ago, she’s coming home tonight–how long, idk. She has a very bad attitude and is very angry. I don’t recognize her, and I’m a little scared about it. Pray for us all. xo

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