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This week has been a whirlwind.  Insurance people are such……interesting folks.  And I’ll just leave it at that.  We’ve been looking for a new car this weekend.  Geez…there are just WAY too many options out there!  We really only want something that will get us by for the next year or so…until we get our feet back under us.

 Looks like we’ll be getting a whole new roof.  Apparently we ended up with about 3-4 perfectly-rounded holes in our roof from hail.  They’ll try to match the color of our siding (they’re hoping to only have to side what needs it), but since our house is 10 years old, if they can’t we’ll end up with new siding all over too.  I’m pretty excited about that.

It was hilarious…the afternoon after the storm, I came out the front door to find no less than 15 flyers for roofers in our screen door!  How sad to rely on storms!

We haven’t been in any type of routine since mid-December and it’s starting to wear on us (including the boys).  Today Oldman had his first meltdown.  He told me, “Mom…we’ve checked out 2 different churches, but I know where I want to go now….Northpoint!”  I hugged him and told him that wasn’t an option right now. 

What he said next killed me…”They don’t want us, do they?”

I spent the next few minutes wiping away tears, trying to explain something that even I don’t completely understand.  His broken heart tore mine up.  I always do ok, until one of my loved ones hurt then Mama Bear comes out in me.  I know that by the end of 2008 none of this will matter, but at the beginning of 2008 it does.  I, in no way, want my child to think a church doesn’t want him.  He can struggle with church politics when he gets older.  We need to find a church that will be thrilled to have us there.

So what’s a gal to do at a time like this?

Contests sound good!  I see that there are a few out there that I need to get in on.  I need to check out that blog-name theory.  If you know of a good contest that I might like, please let me know!

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  • Hi..I pop in now and then but don’t always leave comments – like you didn’t notice! Anyways..the comment of your little man, broke my heart. We’ve gone thru those kinds of situations, and if it helps, I learned to tell my kids, when were between churches, that it wasn’t about us not liking them anymore, or them not liking us – it was all about being on adventure with God, and He’s made it clear there’s a new home church for us, but the key is, He hasn’t told us exactly which one – it’s like a treasue hunt. He’s hidden His heart in one of the churches we’re going to visit, and when we find the church He wants for us, we’ll know it, becuase it will feel like ‘home’ – like we belong. That really helped them, because it made them stay positive about the church we had to leave…and it made them turn into wanting to sense God’s presence, when we walked into a new one. They’d be saying to Him – “Is this where Your treasure is”?? It ended up being a positive thing – I hope your time out there looking will be too!

  • Wow – I just read the above comment by Just Me and that is awesome! Bless Oldman’s heart – it’s hard to understand all that when you’re young. I’m praying for ya’ll – God is there with you even thru this difficult time (in fact, he is carrying you!). Lean on Him and press on.

  • There is nothing I can say that would be equal to Just Me. What an amazing way to look at this. An adventure with God! Magical!

    I felt your pain with Oldman. I really am sorry that ya’ll have to deal with this. I wish we could live in a world where office/church politics just didn’t exist. Sadly, that will never be.

    I pray that ya’ll find a new church family and peace & comfort soon. And, like Bubba’s Sis said, God IS carrying you. You’ll look back and see only one set of footprints. His.

    Take care.

  • ((((((((((((Hugs))))))))))) for you, oldman… your whole family.
    I LOVE Just Me’s comment!
    Hang in there, my friend – you’ve got a lot of people thinking of you and praying for you – you’re well-loved 😉

  • Jenn my heart broke with that post, girl. Ohhh I hate this and I wish I could be there to hug you in person right now. All y’all.

    I think it’s all in the timing–you never know, might be a nice little ole church up in say….Lee’s Summit!!! that feels like home. Could happen. It could…I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

    I love you all, I’ll call this week. Hurdy Gurdy man is the song, that’s it…I just liked the song, it’s very ‘mystic’! xoxo

  • I want you.

    Okay . . . yeah . . . that sounded better in my head.

    At church, I want you at church. It’s not the same without you. I miss you. This blog thing isn’t the same! I going through withdrawals!

    But, this isn’t about me. It’s about you. Tell Old Man adults are cranky sometimes. However, some of them are way cool! Like me, who says he can come over and play with the Hot Wheels T-Wrecks anytime he wants!

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