Talk around the watercooler

Brad (Pitt) and his family were in town this week.  But there was a bit of of shake up this time. 

One of the not-as-popular tv stations (KSPR) decided to run a piece about them going out to eat with their extended family.  Some even say that they took their cameras.  (And they called them Brangelina….HELLO!  We don’t call them that here.)

I know…it sounds like the norm right?


See, Brad is still a local boy.  His family still lives their lives here like every other Joe Blow Ozarker.  There’s usually no photographs, no autographs, etc.  We’re all happy he gets a chance to stop back home and spend time with the fam.  So  KSPR pulling this little stunt caused a few locals to get mighty upset.

And you don’t want to get hillbillies upset!  They’re all related and before you know it you have a herd of cattle on the front lawn of KSPR shootin’ cow patties to the top of the tower.

I’m just sayin’…KSPR, don’t outgrow your britches and miss with our locals.

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