New year…new look

Welcome to my new blog!

Isn’t this cool?

First of all I’ve got to give a shout out to Funky Art Queen for giving me permission to use her Tommy Tutone art as my header.  She’s incredibly talented and when Stacey saw this she knew it was just what I would want.  And she was right.  Thanks again FAQ!!!!

I changed the name of my blog because of too many people freaking out over my old blog – Girl Gone Wild-Biblestyle.  I thought adding the ‘biblestyle’ would pad it over, but I don’t think “they” ever got past the GGW!  I think it seriously hindered my contest winning ability.  So even though I think that’s shallow…I’ll play the political game and adjust as need be.  Besides, 867-5309 is just perfect for me!

So please adjust your blogroll and/or readers to my new site…http:\\ .


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