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Leaders who Fall
A Toast to 43
My One Word for 2015

Leaders who Fall

Leaders who Fall

There are count­less arti­cles about Leadership…

  • What Makes a Great Leader
  • Pas­sion vs Emo­tional Leadership
  • 7 Ways to not be THAT Leader
  • Etc., etc.…

But no mat­ter the account­abil­ity arti­cles nor the self-building ideas — lead­ers fall. It has noth­ing to do with race, gen­der, nor location.

Lead­ers fall.

Since August, Old­man and I have been learn­ing about var­i­ous lead­ers through­out the world and cen­turies who became lead­ers with great pas­sion, but once they “arrived” they fell. There was an easy-to-see theme on how these great lead­ers fell.

Their egos.

Napolean Bona­parte is the lat­est leader Old­man is learn­ing about in His­tory. Most American’s and Brits are taught that he was a sad, small man who had a com­plex. How­ever, most of that info comes from British pro­pa­ganda. Napoleon was of “aver­age height” and quickly rose to great stature in the French mil­i­tary. His men loved him! He would lead them into bat­tle head on with con­ta­gious pas­sion. Unfor­tu­nately that won­der­ful leader quickly turned into a ego­tis­ti­cal lunatic. When he was get­ting ready to force a coop on his own coun­try he was asked by some­one, “What is writ­ten in the Con­sti­tu­tion?” His reply was, “Napoleon Bona­parte.” He ended his mil­i­tary career as a war criminal.

Ladies we’re not bet­ter than men on this. There is a very large num­ber of us that would love to be looked up to as a voice of lead­er­ship. Of course there are also those of us that are happy and con­tent to be the quiet pil­lars that hold every­thing together.  The female leader-types tend to feel like they have to be might strong beings to qual­ify as lead­ers. A lot of the might strong lead­ers are looked at as power-hungry sultana’s. Despite the tacky stereo­typ­ing, we still strug­gle with our egos.

So what is the answer to this age-old problem?

Account­abil­ity groups? Some may work, but I’ve also seen these “account­abil­ity groups” quickly turn into an entourage. Those groups just feed the devil grow­ing in the deep.

There can’t be a step-by-step answer to this prob­lem or it wouldn’t be an issue today. We are human beings with emo­tions that are liv­ing in a world that believes ‘the strongest will sur­vive’. We look up to incred­i­ble lead­ers such a Mother Teresa and Gandhi, yet would we do what they did to change the world? Really?

I don’t intend for this post to be a debbie-downer…just thoughts run­ning in my head that I wish I had answers for. Like Knock It Off for one. 😉

Eas­ier said than done.

Ok…well, now you know why I don’t like going deep. HA!

A Toast to 43


It’s my birth­day tomor­row. I’ll be 43. I think that num­ber sounds nice. Now that I’m solidly set­tled into my 40s, I’m com­fort­able in this sec­tion of the uphill por­tion of the old geezer moun­tain. I find myself in a place of enjoy­ing my blessings.

So my bless­ings right now:

 My word for the year is Tenac­ity — (which on a total side note…the visual for that word that keeps com­ing to my mind is a cat…I am not a cat…I’m noth­ing like a cat…cat’s actu­ally scare me…I need a new visual some­thing fierce!) — which means my con­fi­dence level is mov­ing up the chain just fine. That’s a good thing for me. No fak­ing it…just feel­ing good about Jen.

 The mom thing is still a lit­tle bit of a strug­gle, but that’s par for course. That’s life! If you’re not pray­ing through some­thing with your kid­dos, some­one is liv­ing a lie. Period. Grem­lin has hit his growth spurt which is amaz­ing to watch. This stage is fan­tas­tic! Every morn­ing they walk out of their room, they’re taller. Old­man started going through this at his age and we just jumped clothes sizes, ya know? The only dif­fer­ence is Grem­lin has hor­ri­ble grow­ing pains with this spurt. Thanks to Gma for let­ting us in on the mus­tard secret. Live.Saver.

The part of this mom bless­ing that gets me really down is Gremlin’s food aller­gies. Peo­ple who blog/post about 15 min­utes meals? …I wanna punch them in the throat. There is NO such thing when you have to go all Lit­tle House on the Prairie for every meal. But…that’s just one of the those things that sucketh.

The idea that I have a kid who will be get­ting his per­mit in less than a month makes me want to puke. Really. I’ve seen what this guys does with bikes, skate­boards, ripsticks…you name it! And now he’s sup­posed to get behind the wheel of MY car?? Dude…it hurts.

 J and I have been mar­ried for 16 years and I feel like I just had cold feet yes­ter­day. He still asks me to marry him and have his babies. I still say no and then make out with him. It’s great fun…and the guys gag. 😉

 I’m excited for #43 because I’m finally feel­ing great. I’ve been using some of the prod­ucts of Plexus and dang if it doesn’t really work. I HATE pills. The idea of tak­ing pills make me grouchy, but when you wake up feel­ing incred­i­ble and not hav­ing back pain for the first time in 20 years? I can man­age the swal­low­ing of pills. *Big girl panties up and in place*

 Oh how I love my Hulk­man. He makes me smile con­stantly, but my heart breaks when I see Hulk­man have episodes of get­ting older. He doesn’t remem­ber some people…he looks con­fused some­times and that look in his eyes is hard to see. Man, I love him! I just can’t imag­ine life with­out my “twin”. The Lord is really going to have to work on my heart before He takes Hulk­man away from me.

 My folks are doing really well *knock on wood*…Mum has been can­cer free for 6 years and is still as strong as ever. Dad is still more tech-savvy than me and loves to rub it in. Noth­ing new there! Punk.

 Friends: that word has had dif­fer­ent mean­ings to me through my 43 years. I was blessed as a child/teenager to be sur­rounded by true friends. Despite the many moves, I didn’t have too much prob­lems mak­ing friends. As an adult I’ve had to learn how to be a friend and how to let oth­ers in. Now I love them. Peo­ple are incred­i­ble beings! Some­where I lost my com­pas­sion for human nature…our uniqueness…our vul­ner­a­ble souls. I would have to say the most that I got out of 2014 were the friend­ships. We are beings that need that con­nec­tion. We need to laugh with others…cry even…just BE. (Shout out to my SS class for show­ing me that again. You weird, weird people!)

So I’m 43!!! I can’t wait to go back over my posts this next year and see where else I have grown and what other bless­ings I might dis­cover. And if you’re going through this adven­ture with me…thank you. Thank you for shar­ing your life with me. I’m hum­bled and blessed.


My One Word for 2015

Tenacity - One Word 2015

The first time I heard of this One Word trend, I actu­ally blew it off. I mean, who in their right mind could ever pick just ONE word for an entire year?! Can’t be done!

Then another year went by and I read posts from friends all over the inter­net shar­ing their one word. Some seemed so deep and thought­ful. Oth­ers seemed like they were try­ing just a lit­tle too hard. Again, another year of look­ing (and judg­ing) others.

Last year, I gave in and picked a word. I didn’t share it with a soul. I don’t do so well with account­abil­ity. It makes me rebel­lious. I knew I wouldn’t remem­ber the stu­pid word anyway.

It was RENEW.

I only thought about it at the begin­ning of the year, my 3 week vaca­tion this sum­mer, and now.

Those were the times I needed to remem­ber it. I needed a year of renewal. Being a wife, mother, busi­ness owner can be exhaust­ing. Every one of us need renewal. How­ever, I was feel­ing lost. I for­got who I was…what I wanted…what I loved. When you are the “coach” of a fam­ily that deals with odds and ends (ADD, Tourettes, OCD), you have to care­fully guard your feel­ings and your heart.

Last year was a great year of renewal. I picked a good word. Now for my One Word for 2015.

TENACITY — the qual­ity of hold­ing fast; persistance

The bound­aries have been grounded. Now I need to remind myself through­out the year to show tenac­ity through hard­ships and suc­cesses. I am a strong woman who has a lot to offer my com­mu­nity and fam­ily. I want to give more of myself and grow my heart so much more.

I hope you share what your One Word is, if you chose to par­tic­i­pate this year. It’s amaz­ing to reflect on your past and present…then dream and hope on your future.

Happy New Year!

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