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Leaders who Fall
A Toast to 43
My One Word for 2015

Leaders who Fall

Leaders who Fall

There are countless articles about Leadership…

  • What Makes a Great Leader
  • Passion vs Emotional Leadership
  • 7 Ways to not be THAT Leader
  • Etc., etc….

But no matter the accountability articles nor the self-building ideas – leaders fall. It has nothing to do with race, gender, nor location.

Leaders fall.

Since August, Oldman and I have been learning about various leaders throughout the world and centuries who became leaders with great passion, but once they “arrived” they fell. There was an easy-to-see theme on how these great leaders fell.

Their egos.

Napolean Bonaparte is the latest leader Oldman is learning about in History. Most American’s and Brits are taught that he was a sad, small man who had a complex. However, most of that info comes from British propaganda. Napoleon was of “average height” and quickly rose to great stature in the French military. His men loved him! He would lead them into battle head on with contagious passion. Unfortunately that wonderful leader quickly turned into a egotistical lunatic. When he was getting ready to force a coop on his own country he was asked by someone, “What is written in the Constitution?” His reply was, “Napoleon Bonaparte.” He ended his military career as a war criminal.

Ladies we’re not better than men on this. There is a very large number of us that would love to be looked up to as a voice of leadership. Of course there are also those of us that are happy and content to be the quiet pillars that hold everything together.  The female leader-types tend to feel like they have to be might strong beings to qualify as leaders. A lot of the might strong leaders are looked at as power-hungry sultana’s. Despite the tacky stereotyping, we still struggle with our egos.

So what is the answer to this age-old problem?

Accountability groups? Some may work, but I’ve also seen these “accountability groups” quickly turn into an entourage. Those groups just feed the devil growing in the deep.

There can’t be a step-by-step answer to this problem or it wouldn’t be an issue today. We are human beings with emotions that are living in a world that believes ‘the strongest will survive’. We look up to incredible leaders such a Mother Teresa and Gandhi, yet would we do what they did to change the world? Really?

I don’t intend for this post to be a debbie-downer…just thoughts running in my head that I wish I had answers for. Like Knock It Off for one. 😉

Easier said than done.

Ok…well, now you know why I don’t like going deep. HA!

A Toast to 43


It’s my birthday tomorrow. I’ll be 43. I think that number sounds nice. Now that I’m solidly settled into my 40s, I’m comfortable in this section of the uphill portion of the old geezer mountain. I find myself in a place of enjoying my blessings.

So my blessings right now:

 My word for the year is Tenacity – (which on a total side note…the visual for that word that keeps coming to my mind is a cat…I am not a cat…I’m nothing like a cat…cat’s actually scare me…I need a new visual something fierce!) – which means my confidence level is moving up the chain just fine. That’s a good thing for me. No faking it…just feeling good about Jen.  The mom thing is still a little bit of a struggle, but that’s par for course. That’s life! If you’re not praying through something with your kiddos, someone is living a lie. Period. Gremlin has hit his growth spurt which is amazing to watch. This stage is fantastic! Every morning they walk out of their room, they’re taller. Oldman started going through this at his age and we just jumped clothes sizes, ya know? The only difference is Gremlin has horrible growing pains with this spurt. Thanks to Gma for letting us in on the mustard secret. Live.Saver.

The part of this mom blessing that gets me really down is Gremlin’s food allergies. People who blog/post about 15 minutes meals? …I wanna punch them in the throat. There is NO such thing when you have to go all Little House on the Prairie for every meal. But…that’s just one of the those things that sucketh.

The idea that I have a kid who will be getting his permit in less than a month makes me want to puke. Really. I’ve seen what this guys does with bikes, skateboards, ripsticks…you name it! And now he’s supposed to get behind the wheel of MY car?? Dude…it hurts.

 J and I have been married for 16 years and I feel like I just had cold feet yesterday. He still asks me to marry him and have his babies. I still say no and then make out with him. It’s great fun…and the guys gag. 😉  I’m excited for #43 because I’m finally feeling great. I’ve been using some of the products of Plexus and dang if it doesn’t really work. I HATE pills. The idea of taking pills make me grouchy, but when you wake up feeling incredible and not having back pain for the first time in 20 years? I can manage the swallowing of pills. *Big girl panties up and in place*  Oh how I love my Hulkman. He makes me smile constantly, but my heart breaks when I see Hulkman have episodes of getting older. He doesn’t remember some people…he looks confused sometimes and that look in his eyes is hard to see. Man, I love him! I just can’t imagine life without my “twin”. The Lord is really going to have to work on my heart before He takes Hulkman away from me.  My folks are doing really well *knock on wood*…Mum has been cancer free for 6 years and is still as strong as ever. Dad is still more tech-savvy than me and loves to rub it in. Nothing new there! Punk.  Friends: that word has had different meanings to me through my 43 years. I was blessed as a child/teenager to be surrounded by true friends. Despite the many moves, I didn’t have too much problems making friends. As an adult I’ve had to learn how to be a friend and how to let others in. Now I love them. People are incredible beings! Somewhere I lost my compassion for human nature…our uniqueness…our vulnerable souls. I would have to say the most that I got out of 2014 were the friendships. We are beings that need that connection. We need to laugh with others…cry even…just BE. (Shout out to my SS class for showing me that again. You weird, weird people!)

So I’m 43!!! I can’t wait to go back over my posts this next year and see where else I have grown and what other blessings I might discover. And if you’re going through this adventure with me…thank you. Thank you for sharing your life with me. I’m humbled and blessed.


My One Word for 2015

Tenacity - One Word 2015

The first time I heard of this One Word trend, I actually blew it off. I mean, who in their right mind could ever pick just ONE word for an entire year?! Can’t be done!

Then another year went by and I read posts from friends all over the internet sharing their one word. Some seemed so deep and thoughtful. Others seemed like they were trying just a little too hard. Again, another year of looking (and judging) others.

Last year, I gave in and picked a word. I didn’t share it with a soul. I don’t do so well with accountability. It makes me rebellious. I knew I wouldn’t remember the stupid word anyway.

It was RENEW.

I only thought about it at the beginning of the year, my 3 week vacation this summer, and now.

Those were the times I needed to remember it. I needed a year of renewal. Being a wife, mother, business owner can be exhausting. Every one of us need renewal. However, I was feeling lost. I forgot who I was…what I wanted…what I loved. When you are the “coach” of a family that deals with odds and ends (ADD, Tourettes, OCD), you have to carefully guard your feelings and your heart.

Last year was a great year of renewal. I picked a good word. Now for my One Word for 2015.

TENACITY – the quality of holding fast; persistance

The boundaries have been grounded. Now I need to remind myself throughout the year to show tenacity through hardships and successes. I am a strong woman who has a lot to offer my community and family. I want to give more of myself and grow my heart so much more.

I hope you share what your One Word is, if you chose to participate this year. It’s amazing to reflect on your past and present…then dream and hope on your future.

Happy New Year!

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